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Grant, Florida

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The Old Fish House Bar and Grill has been affiliated with the fishing industry for nearly 100 years. It started as Jorgensen’s Fish House then became the Hudgins Fish Company in 1930 and eventually transitioned into the Treasure Coast Marina.


During the years when the building was used for fish processing, a king fishing fleet docked outside. Fishermen and their families lived everyday lives on the boats. Wives worked in the fish house, processing the catch while their husbands were out at sea. Children grew up there, went to school and lead ordinary lives. The only difference was that their "house" went out to sea for 12 or 14 hours a day.


Over the years, several different families served as caretakers for the fish house. They lived in a small house north of the main building, which was later found abandoned by Bonnie Roberts. Unfortunately, it was not salvageable, as it had been destroyed by kudzu, and had to be removed. Many artifacts were found in the house, some of which were returned to descendants, others have been saved and are now celebrated on display in The Old Fish House Bar & Grill.


Finally,  The Old Fish House Bar & Grill was built before environmental restrictions were enacted. Therefore, please excuse our use of disposable dinnerware. Because of our proximity to the Indian River Lagoon, every effort is made to limit the amount of harsh chemicals used by commercial dish washing machines. We are all stewards of this precious ecosystem and sincerely hope our guests understand this decision.